Our services


Your own spokesperson

From the study of the project ,to its final realization, one designated staff member will accompany the organizer and guarantee a permanent follow-up through all stages of the event.

  1. Welcome and study of projects: information, advice and feasibility study, a complete offer complying with the congress specifications, location scouting visits and service validation, follow-up and support up until the stat of the event.
  2. Technical and logistic coordination during the event guaranteeing the organizer a permanent supervision of internal and external services implemented for the event.

Technical production & logistics service

Our technical team composed of experienced professionals guarantees the technical and logistics production of each event :

 Event management and technical assistance

  1. Offer of tailor-made solutions to the specific needs of the event (sound system, fitting out, scenic effects, personalized lighting, video projection…).
  2. Video making (image recording in 2 or 3 cameras with direct broadcasting and recording).
  3. Information technologies and internet access (WiFi and wired), network broadcasting (all rooms are equipped with RJ45 outlets).
  4. Simultaneous translation (3 translators’ cubicles in the auditorium).

Logistics equipment

  1. Rooms designed with furniture according to the desired configurations (chairs with writing tables, conference rostrum, possibility of setting up a boardroom with prestigious furniture…).
  2. General installation of the exhibition: assembly of equipped stands, electricity and head of security.
  3. Space rearrangement for the sessions of written presentations (posters).

Reception and information service to participants

 Complete management of the reception or back-up to the event’s organization team, our welcoming services answer to the demands in terms of reception of public:

  1. Reception and registration of participants,
  2. Preparation and delivery of badges and participant briefcases,
  3. Cloakroom and baggage room
  4. Reception hall and microphone passing

Several information solutions are possible for participants :

  1. Dynamic video display on 12 screens installed around the space
  2. Display on fixed and mobile panels
  3. Kakemonos and personalized displays on request.

Management and quality follow-up

Aware of the stakes that the event’s success represents for the organizer, the services provided at the Convention center follow rigorous quality procedures from the design to the realization of the event. A follow up is ensured after every event in order to evaluate client satisfaction in a permanent concern for quality improvement.