Economic Dynamism

Science and Technology Park of Sophia – Antipolis

The Côte d’Azur is a melting pot for innovation, particularly the Science and Technology Park, which gathers together, in the same area, global companies of innovative sectors, an efficient network of research and development (130 laboratories in which work over 2700 researchers), ten international schools (strongest concentration in Europe) and a renowned university center.
Spearhead of the economic and demographic dynamic of the Alpes-Maritimes, Antibes Juan-les-Pins houses a great number of companies working on tertiary activities with strong added value, thanks to the Science and Technology Park of Sophia-Antipolis. 

Uncontested European reference in terms of Research and Development, but also of environmental integration, the Park gathers:

  • 1414 companies, of which 40% have an R&D activity
  • 30000 jobs, of which 54% are executives
  • 5000 students
  • 4000 researchers from the public sector

A high concentration of French and foreign renowned companies :
Air France, Amadeus Development Company, Bouygues Telecom, ETSI, France Telecom, Legrand, SEMA Group Telecom, Siemens, Shiva, Atos Ingénierie Intégration etc.

The most representative scientific hubs are :

  • Information technologies
  • Life sciences
  • Environnemental sciences
  • The aromatic industry

This crossed fertilization has led to the creation of hubs of excellence and 7 certified competitive hubs:

  • PASS
  • SCS

Such an economic dynamic represents a considerable added value for the organization of professional events directly related to these innovative sectors, the opportunity of partnerships and therefore an evident guarantee of success.

pro-active policy of the city

The city of Antibes Juan-les-Pins has entered the new century, conducting a policy of major constructions(cultural and social, as well as for sports) adopting large-scale constructions designed by the greatest European architects: new convention center, multipurpose sports hall of more than 5000 seats and a 1200 seat auditorium. To which one can add the creation of a multimodal railway station and an underground parking facility in front of the Vauban port, the second biggest marina and commercial port of Europe, which by the tonnage of its boats and its advanced technology welcomes the biggest and most beautiful units in the world with its famous "Quai Camille Rayon" also know as the “Quai des Milliardaires” (“Billionaires’ Dock”).